Straight Filler Train Tracks – Lengths 25mm – 140mm – Lionel Ready to play Compatible – STL Digital Download


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Introducing our Straight Filler Train Tracks, the perfect solution to bridge those pesky gaps in your Lionel Ready to Play train set! Crafted with precision and compatible with your existing tracks, these fillers effortlessly blend in, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted railway journey.
From 25mm – 140mm in length we offer lengths in 5mm increments, along with a half track and the crisscross straight extensions. This track was based on the 2017 Polar Express Lionel Train Set Parts but is compatible with other Lionel Ready to Play sets.
**Note: Whole number tracks (e.g. 025, 080, 073) are marked with their length. Special Tracks have a special marking indicating their type, e.g. HTK = Half Track, CCT = Crisscross Straight Short Track.
Own a 3D Printer? Enjoy accessing our exclusive straight track in STL format – your gateway to limitless possibilities. Elevate your projects with the power of 3D printing and embrace the joy of customization. Start exploring and printing your Ready to Play Tracks today!
YouTube Video of Track:
First Person View of Track:
STL’s Included
Straight Track – 25mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_25mm.stl]
Straight Track – 30mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_30mm.stl]
Straight Track – 35mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_35mm.stl]
Straight Track – 40mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_40mm.stl]
Straight Track – 45mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_45mm.stl]
Straight Track – 50mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_50mm.stl]
Straight Track – 55mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_55mm.stl]
Straight Track – 60mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_60mm.stl]
Straight Track – 65mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_65mm.stl]
Straight Track – 70mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_70mm.stl]
Straight Track – 73mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_73mm.stl]
Straight Track – 75mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_75mm.stl]
Straight Track – 80mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_80mm.stl]
Straight Track – 85mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_85mm.stl]
Straight Track – 87.5mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_87-5mm.stl] (Not Pictured)
Straight Track – 90mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_90mm.stl]
Straight Track – 95mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_95mm.stl]
Straight Track – 100mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_100mm.stl]
Straight Track – 105mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_105mm.stl]
Straight Track – 110mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_110mm.stl]
Straight Track – 115mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_115mm.stl]
Straight Track – 120mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_120mm.stl]
Straight Track – 125mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_125mm.stl]
Straight Track – 130mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_130mm.stl]
Straight Track – 135mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_135mm.stl]
Straight Track – 140mm [LR2P_Train_StraightTrack_140mm.stl]
All of our mounts are printed with…
– Filament: ABS (Black)
– Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
– Layer Height: 0.25-0.35mm
– Support Configuration: Supports at angle 55 degrees or greater
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